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Wednesday, April 28

Daddy's Love

Its a given that a mother (well most mothers at least) and their children have a natural bond. Its a connection that starts way before a baby is born. With me its an amazing and unexplainable kind of love. I just not only love my daughters, but I adore them. I truly believe that God planned for them to be in my life before I had even starting thinking about having children.

Now I know that some women say that the connection between a father and child is different, and in some cases that may be true, but not with Fred. Fred is so wonderful with our daughters. He created a whole new meaning to daddy's girls and was meant to be a daddy. (Anyone that knows us personally can vouch for that.) He has become so close to Alexi and Emma that its amazing to see them interact...the way he has bonded and the love he has form them is so strong.

I am so lucky to have them all in my life.....my life feels perfect and I know this is exactly how things were meant to be <3

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