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Thursday, April 29

Got Sleep?????

I DONT!!! Its one thing that I am truly lacking and need much more of. I give parents of multiples a lot of credit right now.

So today in honor of all parents of multiples, I lift my glass up to you!!Source: Etsy

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  1. It will get easier!! Promise.

    Your two kiddos are further apart in age than my two were when I had Aidan. But, it's funny because I don't remember being nearly as sleep deprived when Aidan was a baby like I was when Malia was a baby. It's like my body "remembered" or something.

    I'm pretty certain that years from now you'll look back and realize that, yes, that dealing with a newborn (and the lack of sleep) the second time around isn't nearly as exhausting as the first time. ;)