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Friday, April 30

The Pros and the Cons

Lately I have been weighing the PROS and the CONS for a very important and life altering decision. I can't get into details about it right now. I will say this... if all goes through, the hubby and I will have a lot of work ahead of us! Work I don't really have the energy for.

This decision is going to be hard on our children and our marriage. I had not started losing sleep due to this change until just recently. I already feel it starting to take a tole on my emotions. I don't like that!

Hopefully soon I can discuss it here. Keeping this blog helps me to vent and let out my feelings and right now I feel I have not been able to do that lately.

I don't like secrets....I never did. I feel that in the end they always end up hurting someone. I have been keeping too many of them lately and it really puts a lot of stress on me. A lot of unnecessary stress. (This really should be for another blog post, so I will let it go.)

So stay tuned and hopefully I will be able to let this particular cat "out of the bag"!!

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