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Thursday, April 15

Take the what out of my ear?!?!?!?!

So on Saturday we were out and about picking some things up at the store when the following conversation occurred:

Alexi: Mommy (and then some mumbling)

Me: What Alexi? I did not hear you.

Alexi: Mommy...take the banana out of your ear!!

Me: Take the what out of my ear?!

Alexi: Take the banana out of your ear!

Me: Where in the world did you hear that from?!?!

Alexi: The Wonder Pets!

The Mom Moment:
Yup...I remember sitting there watching the episode where Ming Ming the duck told Tuck the turtle to take the banana out of his ear. Mmmmhmmmm. I did not yell at Alexi, but I told her she was not allowed to say that anymore.

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