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Tuesday, May 11

6 week update

Can you believe that yesterday marked 6 weeks that Emma was born.

Do you know what else that means?
  • Its been 6 weeks since I've had a decent nights sleep

The positives?

  • I weigh 28pnds less than I did when I found out I was pregnant
  • I get to enjoy a calm baby that never fusses
  • I've found love that I never knew I had
  • I'm no longer feeling sick and can enjoy food again

The negatives?

  • I had to go to the Dr's for a follow up. Lets just say things were not as cut and dry as it should have been. (I'm not going to elaborate too much, but I will say that there was some local anesthetics and scissors involved and I feel like I gave birth all over. Boy do I feel like I've lived in a box all my life.....I've learned so much more about my body since giving birth.)
  • It' going to take 2 additional weeks for my "body" to heal now

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