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Tuesday, May 18

Random Nothingness

That's right. I have so much going through my head that I want to blog about, yet not a ton of time. I figured this blog will be a hodgepodge of whats going on in this brain or mine right now (good luck deciphering it all):

  • The girls are doing great. Alexi found a turtle in the back yard and thought it would be nice to bring it in my bedroom to share with me on Sunday morning. (Animals are coming out of the woodwork everywhere at my house. First the ducks in my pool (which is becoming a daily routine for them), this turtle Sunday and then yesterday morning a frog hopped past me in my bedroom as I was getting dressed. Don't ask, bc I don't know! I think it starts with an A and is 5 letters long. Lol)

(Yes that is Fred in the back helping to hold said turtle)

  • Emma is getting so big. She is officially out of all preemie clothes and into newborn. She's becoming quite the chunky monkey :)

  • Still no word on the changes that may take place in the Delima Household that I discussed previously.

  • I will be turning 30 tomorrow. I really thought it was going to be some grand affair and I was going to feel great, but its quite the opposite. We have canceled any and all plans and I feel like sleeping right through it. The hubby suggested inviting friends over for a (last minute, I feel bad, I know I should do something) BBQ tomorrow, but I said no. Seriously?!?!?...on a week night, where I am going to have to cook and make sure the house is clean? No thanks. I'd rather just have the luxury of going to bed early so that when Emma and I have our ran devour in the middle of the night, I'm not so tired.

  • It's been a rainy/gloomy week. Kinda like how I'm feeling lately.

  • Fred took Alexi to Busch Gardens on Sunday for daddy/daughter time. That was great.....for me! I got to stay home with Emma and do some spring cleaning. (I know, sounds boring, but I really wanted to stay home and get it done. All of Alexi's winter clothes are packed away and her closet is cleaned and organized. I even re-organized all Emma's clothes and packed away the preemies. I also prepped all the meals for the week. I felt really accomplished.)

  • I had a breakdown yesterday at work after receiving an email that made me angry. (Thanks! As if I really needed to hear and deal with that during the day!!) I really wish some people would think before they speak/email!

  • No matter how much I try to analyze things, I believe we would have ended up this way regardless. We are two strong personalities, yet with so many insecurities and none of it makes any sense!

  • It's really time to decide what I want to be when I grow up bc what I am doing in life right now obviously is not working. (For further input click here.) I take some of that back, I do know what I want to be, I just don't think it will bring in the $$$ we need. At least not in the beginning, so I need to come up with an alternative solution.

  • I still have not decided what birth control I am going to go with. Why all of a sudden does making decisions seem so difficult?

I told you all that I had a lot going on in this brain of mine and wanted to blog about, I just don't have all the time necessary to put into each one, thus why I did a hodgepodge.

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