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Friday, May 7

What is that!?!?!

So yesterday morning the hubby and I were getting ready for work. Same routine, he's preparing to get in the shower as I am getting out. (And don't go acting surprised that I am sharing this as you continue to read! After being together for almost 13yrs and married for 6 of those yrs, couples tend to be pretty comfortable with each other and not much stays a secret.)

Me: What is that! (As I point toward one of his many fine assets ;-) )

Hubby: Ummmm, I think you know what that is! Yes its been some time bc of Emma, but come on! I think I look pretty damn sexy!! (While carrying a half grin/half smile)


Hubby: Than what?

Me: That black thing! Above ***********(I'm going to keep the nicknames private. No pun intended. Some of my husbands friends read my blog and for his sake, I will not humiliate him.....at this time. Lol)

Hubby: I don't know!! Get if off of me!!

Any guesses?

It was a tick! Yup, a gross little black tick. His head was embedded in the hubby's skin so we had to burn it with a match to get it to back out. It was nasty! I guess its that time of the season to start checking every ones hair/body on the regular now.

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