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Monday, June 28

Birthday weekend packed full of fun-Part I

As you know from my last blog that Alexi was staying at my in-laws for a week. We had left her on a Thursday afternoon and returned the evening of the following Thursday (the 17th to be exact). Anywho, we got there pretty late that night (we drove up right after I got off of work which is 5:00.). We did it with pretty good timing bc Emma did great and fussed very little (she loves driving in the car). Alexi was so excited to see us so she waited up for us. It was great for her to spend time with my in-laws, but we missed her sooooo much! We ended up not going to bed until midnight. Ugh!! We were so tired the next morning when we got up at 7:00am to leave the house by 8:00 to pick up my grandmother at the Philadelphia Airport by 9:00am.

That's right....that next morning (Friday morning) we picked my grandmother (my mom's mom) at the airport and headed right to Atlantic City. We were meeting some of my family there for the night to celebrate my cousins 21st birthday. (It was like celebrating my 21st birthday all over again bc I had never been to a casino (cruise ships don't count)). Even though I was stingy and cheap with my money, we had a blast!

I found it hard to part with even $20.00. And I know, I know.....you have to play to win and spending $$ is part of the point, but money does not grow on trees and is limited in my household right now. So I was content with just depositing $20.00 at Bally's and the Taj Mahal for someone else to win later on.

Regardless if spent $20.00 or $200.00; we all had fun and I would def. go again!!

Here is where we stayed......and this was our view from our room on the 32nd floor:

{I will share more in my next blog about our visit to AC}

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