Straight jackets are on your left, meds are on the table and if you hurry, you can still get a seat in group therapy!

Oh...and thanks for stopping bye!!!

Thursday, July 29

God in the Thunderstorm

Tonight we had a really bad thunder and lightening storm.  Here is the result of it:
(This is my house and our tree was hit by lightening)

Somehow there is structural damage to our home.  The wood beams and cedar paneling in my upstairs has shifted.  We get to look forward to some new home repairs....


Every night before putting Alexi to bed, we read a passage from Psalms.  We don't choose one randomly...we started from Psalm 1 and have continued on; one a night.  Well tonight this one was next:

Psalm 29 God in the Thunderstorm

Praise the Lord, you Angels;
praise the Lord's glory and power.
Praise the Lord for the glory of his name;
worship the Lord because he is holy.

The lord's voice is heard over the sea.
The glorious God thunders;
the Lord thunders over the ocean.
The Lord's voice is powerful;
the Lord's voice is majestic.
The Lord's voice breaks the trees;
The Lord breaks the cedars of Lebanon.
He makes the land of Lebanon dance like a calf
and Mount Hermon jump like a baby bull.
The Lord's voice makes the lightning flash.
The Lord's voice shakes the desert;
the Lord shakes the Desert of Kadesh.
The Lord's voice shakes the oaks
and strips the leaves off the trees.
In his Temple everyone says, "Glory to God!"
The Lord controls the flood.
The Lord will be King forever.
The Lord gives strength to his people;
The Lord blesses his people with peace.

I have a lot to pray about. I want to figure out what all this means bc I truly believe God is telling us something.....

Tuesday, July 27

Say Cheese!!

Guess who just lost her first tooth and couldn't be happier?!?!?!

Alexi did and she is so happy!  She says she is officially a Big Girl!!

Wednesday, July 21

Change, Change, Change

And I don't mean the kind in my pocket....

As I stated a few blogs ago, I know I can't always control the changes that go on around me, but I can make some changes that are better for me.  I wanted to update ya'll on some changes that are currently going on in my world.
  1. I was contemplating changing the layout of my blog. Well if you haven't noticed already, at the top left corner of my blog from TheCutestBlogsOnTheBlock states that my layout will be deleted on July 23rd.  Sooooooooo I have no choice to go ahead and get a move on that change. (Thanks TCBOTB for giving me a kick in the ol'you know what to get started on this)
  2. I am changing positions within the company I work for.  I am currently the Office Manager, but the last couple of months I have been dabbling in the Marketing aspect and falling in love with it.  Our current Marketer is stepping down at the end of the month due to school overload, so I am moving on over.  Now don't get me wrong, I am not giving up the office work completely...I will be overseeing a new assistant that I am bringing in.  I get the best of both worlds and love it.
  3. I am getting a couple more roommates.  I am not going to discuss details at this time, but I am helping someone that I love and know would help me if the circumstances were reversed.  I'm happy about these roommates and when I tell Alexi, she is going to be even happier ;-)
  4. I am changing my hair.  Not drastically, but I have been growing it out longer and its starting to grow on me.....no pun intended!  Lol
  5. I am changing my attitude.  I am being firmer with things that don't matter so much and more compassionate about the things that do matter.
I intend on making more changes and will keep ya'll up to speed.

Monday, July 19

People Should Stop...

Last Thursday driving home from work I was listening to this radio station.  (Yes, depending on the kind of mood I am in, I listen to all kinds of music; from Rock to Hip-Hop to Christian to Jazz to alternative; I listen to it all.) Well DJ Anna comes up with a different topic of discussion every night and last Thursday's topic was "People Should Stop-_______" and you fill in the blank. Here are some of the callers answers:
  • People Should Stop-giving their 2cents when clearly is was not asked for
  • People Should Stop-the government from making stupid decisions
  • People Should Stop-driving like idiots
I got to thinking about this over the weekend and I have come up with some of my own answers:
  • People Should Stop-slamming on their brakes when no one is in front of them
  • People Should Stop-living beyond their means then crying poor me
  • People Should Stop-calling my house and asking me if I want to do a survey
  • People Should Stop-acting like they are better than everyone else
  • People Should Stop-thinking the world revolves around them
  • People Should Stop-wearing flip-flops with socks (It's summertime people!!...the whole reason for wearing flip-flops is to cool off the piggies.  If your gonna wear socks, you might as well put on a pair of sneaks)
  • People Should Stop-thinking I care when I really don't
  • People Should Stop-thinking life is a one way street
  • People Should Stop-being so lazy
  • People Should Stop-thinking my friendship is like a revolving door where you can easily come in and out of
  • People Should Stop-letting their kids run around the neighborhood streets in high traffic areas un-supervised
  • People Should Stop-fake tanning to the point their skin looks like rubber
  • People Should Stop-letting everyone else raise their kids while they still act like kids themselves
  • People Should Stop-wearing their pants so tight that I can see the flowers on their underwear
  • People Should Stop-wearing opened toed shoes without a pedi. (I am tired of seeing un-painted toenails that are longer than the edge of the shoe)
  • People Should Stop-making babies they can't afford
  • People Should Stop-pretending
  • People Should Stop-thinking that all my blogs are about them

Sunday, July 18

Meet Itsy

Itsy is our newest addition. 
Alexi has been asking for a dog for quite some time.  We've decided we are just not ready for a dog yet....we barely have enough time to take care of ourselves, let-a-long a dog. 
We decided to adopt a kitten instead.
She puts up with Alexi chasing after her and picking her up.
Alexi wanted to name her Itsy Bitsy Spider...we settled for Itsy.
She fits in just purfect!!

Thursday, July 15

Seeing Double

I love it when I find deals on matching outfits for the girls.  I found these at 50% off!   

These I picked up for a friends baby shower I went to last Sunday.  She has a little boy and another on the
Love It!!!!

Sunday, July 11

Pink Lemonade Fun

Got Pink Lemonade cupcakes?  I do....and so will Fred's employees, my co-workers and Alexi's little friends.  I came across a yummy recipe from this bloggy friend and I thought it would be fun to make them (there are cute 4th of July cupcakes too, but scroll to the bottom for the pink lemonade recipe).

Now keeping in mind I am a mom of two with little time, I opted for the box mix and added the lemon zest and lemonade concentrate.  Still YUMMY!!  I also made minni cupcakes instead of regular size (its better for my waistline ;-) ).

They are just tooo cute for words....you add a little fruit candy and a straw and Walla, you have a pink lemonade!!!

Thoughts for the day...

I might not be the most beautiful person or have the perfect body... I

might not be the 1st choice but I am a GREAT choice... I don't pretend

to be someone else because I am too good at being ME... I might not be

proud of some of the things I've done but I am proud of who I am

...today...Take me as I am, or watch me as I go!"....
{I can't take credit for this, I stole it from my friends Facebook comment and it totally goes with what I am feeling right now!! Thanks Melissa!!  See you in two weeks ;-)}

Speechless.....Or Not!!

Tonight I have been sitting here catching up reading some blogs and offering up my 2 cents and I can honestly say I am having a writers block.  Seriously, I really don't have anything to talk/complain/dish/gossip/gloat about right now.


I should say there are a couple things I'd like to lay-out, but unfortunately I can't.  One of them I kinda discussed in a previous blog.  Well the time is coming....as.a.matter.of.fact....it will be Tuesday!  I will update you all when I'm allowed to officially "say things out loud".  As far as emotions, no matter what the outcome, I'm not sure if I'm going to be happy or cry.


As far as another issue I have been putting off dealing with, well I think things are about to hit the fan and to be honest, again I am not sure if I'm going to be happy or cry.

I just want a normal life.  Whatever that is, I just want stability/happiness/love/security/honesty/loyalty to exist in my little world.  Yes, I said it....my.little.world.  I don't put myself on a pedestal and I don't expect things to revolve around me and what I do, but I do have a little world that my family and I live in and need to survive in.  Is that too much to ask for?  Sometimes I think it is.....and it stinks!

*sigh* again

I think its time to make some changes.  I figure if changes occur in my life bc of the action of others, than you know what?!?!, changes are going to start happening bc of actions I make!!

Here's to some new changes!!!

Saturday, July 10

Wow! Two giveaways in a row!

You heard it right , Jaimie over at Fried Pink Tomatoes is doing it again. As if one bloggy giveaway wasn't enough, she has a second one going on and it.is.right.up.my.alley!! How awesome is that!!!!!

She has teamed up with this lovely gal over at MyWoobyandMe. She makes all kinds of baby lovelies like blankies, woobies, bibs, etc. Love it!

Well of course I had to enter and if I win I will be choosing one of these (I can't seem to make up my mind bc I love them both):
One of the questions I had to answer to win was...."who would you give this to?" Umm, I totally said ME. :0) These would so be perfect for my little Emma, don't ya think?
Wish me luck!!

Monday, July 5

Some giveaway fun!!

So this pretty cool gal here is having her first BLOG GIVEAWAY!! I am excited bc its been awhile since I have participated in a giveaway.

Now what is she giving away? We get an opportunity to choose an item from HipHopHippos. How sweet is that!!

If I win, I think I will be choosing this lovely item:
I think I would have both of the girls names put on it. How cute!! If any of you fellow bloggers are interested in an opportunity in winning this or any of the other cute pieces that are made by Sara at HipHopHippos, then head on over to and visit Jaime at the Fried Pink Tomato!

Love it!!

My latest addictions

I don't know about any of you fellow facebookers, but I have never been one to get caught up in any of those FB farms or any other games they offer. I don't know, I barely have enough time to live my real life, let alone a fake one. I'm just sayin. Now I have in fact become addicted to playing Family Feud on FB. Every chance I get to help someone win fast money...umm yeah, I am all over it!! Now I don't go as far as buying extra games, that's just crazy! But I do play my 2 free games each day. LOVE IT!!!

Granny Smith apples and peanut butter. Mmmmm that has been my favorite snack lately. I'm averaging at least one apple a day. I have one of these that helps me cut up my apple and then I dip them in this. Yuuuummy (I actually just finished one). LOVE IT!!!

Now I have tons of lotions, creams, body washes, lip balms and even candles from Bath & Body Work. I'm sure you all do too! But let me ask you, do you have these? I was given these as a gift after having Emma from my sis from another mis Liz (my brothers ex-wife, LOVE THAT GIRL!). Anywho, I just started using them about a month ago when I ran out of my Eucerin lotion. Hellllloooo, where have these been all my life!!! I'll be honest, my fave is the lay it on thick intense moisture body cream with Shea butter. I can put this cream on in the morning and my legs are still soft and smooth when I go to bed. The best feeling is putting some on after an evening bath and waking up the next morning with soft skin. LOVE IT!!!

What are some of your latest addictions?

More 4th of July pics of the girls

Sunday, July 4

Happy Birthday America

Happy Birthday America

(Photos compliment of my neighbors firework display we got to view last night without having to leave our house)

Saturday, July 3

Who's That Girl!!

The more and more we look at Emma, we ask ourselves "Who's that little girl?". She has a special look all of her own.

When Alexi was born, she had a head full of jet black curly hair and hazel eyes. If you had put a goatee on her, she would have been a spitting image of Fred....no lye!

Now Emma on the other hand is quite the opposite. When she was born, she was practically bald with blue eyes. We even joked if we had brought the wrong baby home. Lol! As her hair is filling in, its becoming more strawberry and those baby blues?.....the pediatrician said most likely they are not going anywhere. She looks nothing like Fred or myself. We both have brown hair and hazel eyes. If you put her next to Alexi, she resembles Alexi's current look, just minus the hazel eyes.

So..........who is that girl????

Well she is our litle princess with a look all her own, That's who she is and we love her!!!

Friday, July 2

Princss II Fun!!

Emma the princess.....

Just tooooooo cute!!!

Princess I Fun!!

Alexi the princess....
She loves to be playful!!

Thursday, July 1

Happy 4th of July!!!

Tonight Alexi and I made a 4th of July funfetti cake for her and her little friends tomorrow. She loves to bake!!
We hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!

Birthday weekend packed full of fun-Part IV

We had gotten to Owen's b-day party around 1:00 and left around 5:00. We drove 2 1/2 hrs south to Levittown to my Aunt Robins house. We had dinner, let Alexi swim in the pool and played some scrabble. Well we tried to play scrabble. We were all so exhausted. Not to mention it was going to be an early morning for us the next day.

You see, we had decided that since we wanted to get home early that Sunday morning and my grandmother had to catch her plane at 5:30am, we would just pack up early and take her to the airport. This saved my Aunt the 1hr drive there and 1hr drive back; as we had to pass the airport anyway.

We were up bright and early at 3:00am and left the house by 4:00. We dropped Grandmom off at 4:50 and headed southbound to Virginia. We did pretty good on timing. I slept the first half while Fred drove and then we swapped. We made it over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge tunnel at 10:30am.
(Home Sweet Home!!)
I decided since I had to go food shopping that day and everyone else was asleep in the car still, I headed straight for the food store instead of heading home. I did the food shopping in record time and we were home before noon.

Now I thought for sure I was going to relax the rest of the day, but instead I cleaned, did laundry and pre-cooked some meals for the week. By the afternoon I was exhausted so I decided to go lay in the pool (the girls were napping at this point and Fred was watching the Brazil soccer game). It was very relaxing; so relaxing I fell asleep.....for 2hrs!!! Yup, burnt to a crisp! I can now say this white girl has a tan! Lol!!