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Thursday, July 1

Birthday weekend packed full of fun-Part IV

We had gotten to Owen's b-day party around 1:00 and left around 5:00. We drove 2 1/2 hrs south to Levittown to my Aunt Robins house. We had dinner, let Alexi swim in the pool and played some scrabble. Well we tried to play scrabble. We were all so exhausted. Not to mention it was going to be an early morning for us the next day.

You see, we had decided that since we wanted to get home early that Sunday morning and my grandmother had to catch her plane at 5:30am, we would just pack up early and take her to the airport. This saved my Aunt the 1hr drive there and 1hr drive back; as we had to pass the airport anyway.

We were up bright and early at 3:00am and left the house by 4:00. We dropped Grandmom off at 4:50 and headed southbound to Virginia. We did pretty good on timing. I slept the first half while Fred drove and then we swapped. We made it over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge tunnel at 10:30am.
(Home Sweet Home!!)
I decided since I had to go food shopping that day and everyone else was asleep in the car still, I headed straight for the food store instead of heading home. I did the food shopping in record time and we were home before noon.

Now I thought for sure I was going to relax the rest of the day, but instead I cleaned, did laundry and pre-cooked some meals for the week. By the afternoon I was exhausted so I decided to go lay in the pool (the girls were napping at this point and Fred was watching the Brazil soccer game). It was very relaxing; so relaxing I fell asleep.....for 2hrs!!! Yup, burnt to a crisp! I can now say this white girl has a tan! Lol!!

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