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Wednesday, July 21

Change, Change, Change

And I don't mean the kind in my pocket....

As I stated a few blogs ago, I know I can't always control the changes that go on around me, but I can make some changes that are better for me.  I wanted to update ya'll on some changes that are currently going on in my world.
  1. I was contemplating changing the layout of my blog. Well if you haven't noticed already, at the top left corner of my blog from TheCutestBlogsOnTheBlock states that my layout will be deleted on July 23rd.  Sooooooooo I have no choice to go ahead and get a move on that change. (Thanks TCBOTB for giving me a kick in the ol'you know what to get started on this)
  2. I am changing positions within the company I work for.  I am currently the Office Manager, but the last couple of months I have been dabbling in the Marketing aspect and falling in love with it.  Our current Marketer is stepping down at the end of the month due to school overload, so I am moving on over.  Now don't get me wrong, I am not giving up the office work completely...I will be overseeing a new assistant that I am bringing in.  I get the best of both worlds and love it.
  3. I am getting a couple more roommates.  I am not going to discuss details at this time, but I am helping someone that I love and know would help me if the circumstances were reversed.  I'm happy about these roommates and when I tell Alexi, she is going to be even happier ;-)
  4. I am changing my hair.  Not drastically, but I have been growing it out longer and its starting to grow on me.....no pun intended!  Lol
  5. I am changing my attitude.  I am being firmer with things that don't matter so much and more compassionate about the things that do matter.
I intend on making more changes and will keep ya'll up to speed.

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