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Monday, July 5

My latest addictions

I don't know about any of you fellow facebookers, but I have never been one to get caught up in any of those FB farms or any other games they offer. I don't know, I barely have enough time to live my real life, let alone a fake one. I'm just sayin. Now I have in fact become addicted to playing Family Feud on FB. Every chance I get to help someone win fast money...umm yeah, I am all over it!! Now I don't go as far as buying extra games, that's just crazy! But I do play my 2 free games each day. LOVE IT!!!

Granny Smith apples and peanut butter. Mmmmm that has been my favorite snack lately. I'm averaging at least one apple a day. I have one of these that helps me cut up my apple and then I dip them in this. Yuuuummy (I actually just finished one). LOVE IT!!!

Now I have tons of lotions, creams, body washes, lip balms and even candles from Bath & Body Work. I'm sure you all do too! But let me ask you, do you have these? I was given these as a gift after having Emma from my sis from another mis Liz (my brothers ex-wife, LOVE THAT GIRL!). Anywho, I just started using them about a month ago when I ran out of my Eucerin lotion. Hellllloooo, where have these been all my life!!! I'll be honest, my fave is the lay it on thick intense moisture body cream with Shea butter. I can put this cream on in the morning and my legs are still soft and smooth when I go to bed. The best feeling is putting some on after an evening bath and waking up the next morning with soft skin. LOVE IT!!!

What are some of your latest addictions?

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