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Monday, July 19

People Should Stop...

Last Thursday driving home from work I was listening to this radio station.  (Yes, depending on the kind of mood I am in, I listen to all kinds of music; from Rock to Hip-Hop to Christian to Jazz to alternative; I listen to it all.) Well DJ Anna comes up with a different topic of discussion every night and last Thursday's topic was "People Should Stop-_______" and you fill in the blank. Here are some of the callers answers:
  • People Should Stop-giving their 2cents when clearly is was not asked for
  • People Should Stop-the government from making stupid decisions
  • People Should Stop-driving like idiots
I got to thinking about this over the weekend and I have come up with some of my own answers:
  • People Should Stop-slamming on their brakes when no one is in front of them
  • People Should Stop-living beyond their means then crying poor me
  • People Should Stop-calling my house and asking me if I want to do a survey
  • People Should Stop-acting like they are better than everyone else
  • People Should Stop-thinking the world revolves around them
  • People Should Stop-wearing flip-flops with socks (It's summertime people!!...the whole reason for wearing flip-flops is to cool off the piggies.  If your gonna wear socks, you might as well put on a pair of sneaks)
  • People Should Stop-thinking I care when I really don't
  • People Should Stop-thinking life is a one way street
  • People Should Stop-being so lazy
  • People Should Stop-thinking my friendship is like a revolving door where you can easily come in and out of
  • People Should Stop-letting their kids run around the neighborhood streets in high traffic areas un-supervised
  • People Should Stop-fake tanning to the point their skin looks like rubber
  • People Should Stop-letting everyone else raise their kids while they still act like kids themselves
  • People Should Stop-wearing their pants so tight that I can see the flowers on their underwear
  • People Should Stop-wearing opened toed shoes without a pedi. (I am tired of seeing un-painted toenails that are longer than the edge of the shoe)
  • People Should Stop-making babies they can't afford
  • People Should Stop-pretending
  • People Should Stop-thinking that all my blogs are about them

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