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Sunday, July 11

Speechless.....Or Not!!

Tonight I have been sitting here catching up reading some blogs and offering up my 2 cents and I can honestly say I am having a writers block.  Seriously, I really don't have anything to talk/complain/dish/gossip/gloat about right now.


I should say there are a couple things I'd like to lay-out, but unfortunately I can't.  One of them I kinda discussed in a previous blog.  Well the time is coming....as.a.matter.of.fact....it will be Tuesday!  I will update you all when I'm allowed to officially "say things out loud".  As far as emotions, no matter what the outcome, I'm not sure if I'm going to be happy or cry.


As far as another issue I have been putting off dealing with, well I think things are about to hit the fan and to be honest, again I am not sure if I'm going to be happy or cry.

I just want a normal life.  Whatever that is, I just want stability/happiness/love/security/honesty/loyalty to exist in my little world.  Yes, I said it....my.little.world.  I don't put myself on a pedestal and I don't expect things to revolve around me and what I do, but I do have a little world that my family and I live in and need to survive in.  Is that too much to ask for?  Sometimes I think it is.....and it stinks!

*sigh* again

I think its time to make some changes.  I figure if changes occur in my life bc of the action of others, than you know what?!?!, changes are going to start happening bc of actions I make!!

Here's to some new changes!!!

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