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Saturday, July 3

Who's That Girl!!

The more and more we look at Emma, we ask ourselves "Who's that little girl?". She has a special look all of her own.

When Alexi was born, she had a head full of jet black curly hair and hazel eyes. If you had put a goatee on her, she would have been a spitting image of Fred....no lye!

Now Emma on the other hand is quite the opposite. When she was born, she was practically bald with blue eyes. We even joked if we had brought the wrong baby home. Lol! As her hair is filling in, its becoming more strawberry and those baby blues?.....the pediatrician said most likely they are not going anywhere. She looks nothing like Fred or myself. We both have brown hair and hazel eyes. If you put her next to Alexi, she resembles Alexi's current look, just minus the hazel eyes.

So..........who is that girl????

Well she is our litle princess with a look all her own, That's who she is and we love her!!!

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