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Saturday, July 10

Wow! Two giveaways in a row!

You heard it right , Jaimie over at Fried Pink Tomatoes is doing it again. As if one bloggy giveaway wasn't enough, she has a second one going on and it.is.right.up.my.alley!! How awesome is that!!!!!

She has teamed up with this lovely gal over at MyWoobyandMe. She makes all kinds of baby lovelies like blankies, woobies, bibs, etc. Love it!

Well of course I had to enter and if I win I will be choosing one of these (I can't seem to make up my mind bc I love them both):
One of the questions I had to answer to win was...."who would you give this to?" Umm, I totally said ME. :0) These would so be perfect for my little Emma, don't ya think?
Wish me luck!!

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