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Sunday, August 22

Feeling a little mediocre these days...

The last few months I really feel like my postings haven't been as creative and interesting as they used to.  I've been in a funk and although I have still been blogging,  I'll be honest, I haven't been putting much effort into them.  Part of it is lack of time, the other part is lack of creativity.  I just haven't had the desire to spend a lot of time into my posts. 

I hate being in this funk bc I now I am more creative than this. And for those that know me personally, I usually have more things to say.  Lately, I have just been taking things all in and minding my own business....within reason of course ;-O

We've been turning new leafs in the Delima residence.  We've all set new goals and we are working really hard to achieve them.  I'm going to be honest, its not easy with some of them, but we are committed and all working together.  I've still been decluterring my house due to some of the changes.  Between yard sales and putting things on craigslist, I've really gotten rid of a ton of stuff. (Don't get me wrong, I still have a lot more to off load, one pile at a time.)

I've been excited about some things I have been working on at work.  Hmmmm.....maybe that's where I have been focusing all my creativity at??!?!?  I am currently working on some huge marketing events which absorb all of my time there.  One event is a golf tournament at the Broad Bay Golf Course.  We are teamed up with the great folks at the Susan G. Komen Foundation and all proceeds go to the cause.  Its huge!! We have had so much support from the community. All of our sponsorships filled faster than we anticipated.  Its on Sept. 2nd, so for those of you that are local, look for us on the news that day.  Another event I am working on is a movie themed event I entered us in.  It's at a large marketing function and we had to pick a movie that coinsides with our type of business and decorate our booth.  We chose Ghostbusters.  I'll tell you all about another time and maybe I'll even post up some picks.  I will say this....it will def. be a show for all!  Lol.

Well, its time for me to head to bed.  It's been a long day and I am tuckered out.  Sweet dreams all.

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