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Sunday, August 8

I know what that is....do you?

Does anyone else see that? 

All my life I thought I was the only one. At times I seriously thought I was crazy and literally questioned my thoughts, my feelings and my memories. 

Although I've kinda been preparing myself for its arrival, part of me really thought it would never come.  Don't get me wrong, there is a part of me that hoped I imagined all of this and it was a great big wacky, strange and demented dream.

I was wrong!!

At a time when people should be laughing, celebrating, giving and receiving......I had an unexpected guest.  Others may call it a Pil, Slon or Olifant......I call it an Elephant and its been standing in the corner of the room quietly awaiting its announcement for the last few months. 

At least it was.....

Last weekend I worked up the nerve to do what seems like what nobody else was going to do.....I pointed out the elephant. I also made it clear that it was not going anywhere until it was addressed. 

It was a shock.            I knew it would be. 
It was uncomfortable.  I knew it would be. 
It was calm.                 I was surprised.

What happens now?  I'm not sure.  I do know that the elephant is still in the room and isn't going anywhere anytime soon.  At least not until everyone who's supposed to see him sees him.  When do I think that will happen?  I'm scared to find out.....


  1. it seems like we've all have an elephant standing around...waiting, listening, watching.

    we saw our elephant manning the door the wrinkle ranch on friday night. ;)

    whatever the issue, good luck. don't be scared. things will work out. they always have, they always will.

  2. Wow...talk about metaphors. I hope everything is ok.