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Monday, September 20

random thoughts and feelings.....

Its no secret I have been really busy.  My mind has been everywhere and I don't seem to know if I am coming or going anymore.  Everything just seems to just blend in.  I feel like I am walking in a plastic hallway, in my own world while I am watching the rest of the world going on on the outside.  Its weird, I know I am apart of everything that is going on, but just at a distance. I see it but I don't really experience it. I can't really explain it. 

I have been really busy at work.  I've been sponsoring a lot of golf tournaments.  Here is a pic of my husband and our crew chief at a tournament we did benefiting the Susan G. Komen foundation.  It was great, we raised a lot of $$$!
(Gotta love the pink!!  They really wanted to show their support.  Lol)

Last Friday I did a double.  First shot gun was as 7:30am and the other was at 1:00pm.  Boy were there a lot of drunk people.  Lol  I had orange crushes, dirty palmers, bloody mary's and jello shooters at my tent.  What a great day!!  It was a great time had by all.
(My tent)

(My ride.  Lol)

Oh bye the way, that elephant...it's still there.  Sometimes I wish the truth would just come out so that I could stop with the crazy dreams I've been having.  I know I could easily be the one to open up the can of worms, but I really feel like its not my RESPONSIBILITY to.  I didn't cause it....I am only the cause of it (does that even make sense? Idk).

Until next time.......

Wednesday, September 15


On many levels...

I've grown up in the last few years. I am responsible and take pride in almost everything I do.  When I take on a task, I make sure to not only do it to the best of my ability, but I try to go above and beyond.  Now don't get me wrong, I KNOW I am no where near perfect (ironic...I recently came across an old letter from an old friend that claimed I thought I was...hahaha.  Seriously?!?!?), but I try to make sure things are not done half a$$ed.  I take on many hats. I make my time count.  I think about things.  I plan.  I think about how things will effect others. I take on the worry and concern.

I wish others would respect that and do the same...