Straight jackets are on your left, meds are on the table and if you hurry, you can still get a seat in group therapy!

Oh...and thanks for stopping bye!!!

Saturday, October 23

Work, Work, Work

I know my time on here has been very limited. I have been working a 16 day event at "Home-a-rama". I have been working everyday any where from 8 and 12 hours. I am tired and its only day 8. I will post and include pics later.

If you live in the Virginia Southside area, come out and say hello :)

Thursday, October 7


...if my house is ever going to be back to what I call normal anytime soon.

...if our insurance company will ever get a clue.

...if my ******* (whomever they are) are going to step up to the plate bc its coming close to a year now.

...if my bank account is ever going to change.

...if its going to hurt as bad as everyone is telling me when I have my tonsils removed.

...when Emma's back is going to get stronger so she can start sitting up.

...if its really time to have my tubes tide.

...if hes really gonna get the pay back he deserves.

...if any of our family is going to come down for the holidays bc its not our year to travel (we go to PA every other year).  I'm guessing probably not.

...** ** **** **** **** *** * ****.

...** ** ******* ** ***** ** **** ** ******* ****.

...if I'm going to be back to what I call normal anytime soon.

{sorry about the *** , I don't want to hurt anyones feelings}