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Thursday, December 23

Ending the year off with a bang!!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, finding time to blog is getting harder and harder these days.  I'm hoping when my girls become a little more self sufficient, my time will be freed up just a tad ;-)

I'm going to take a moment and share some thoughts that are going on in this crazy brain of mine.

*Alexi is going to be 4yrs old on Tuesday.  She is growing up so fast and loves being a big sister!! We are in the process of planning a birthday party for her and my In-laws are coming next week to surprise her with her cousins. She will be so excited!!
*Emma will be 9 months on the 29th.  She just started to crawl a couple steps the other night. Before we know it she will be walking.

*Fred is doing well.  He still has a job and that we are truly grateful for. He has been Mr. Fix-it lately around the house.  Thanks to him, my in-laws and some friends, we now have a new roof on our house, new carpet in our master bedroom and new porcelain tile in the kitchen and dining room.  Next week, maybe.just maybe, he will build my new bench and start on the bathrooms.  We will see......

*I have been busy holding down the fort and working full time.  I took a trip already for work and am planning another.  I'm really enjoying what I do. I have a vacation booked to Disney the middle of January.  Its my aunts 50th birthday and my grandmother, mom, cousins and myself are going for 5 days.  I'm sad that the hubby and kids are staying behind, but I'm excited to be hanging with girls.
*I've become a QVC junkie this holiday season.  Its was so bad, I got the same sales associate in the same day and she told me I needed to walk away and do some laundry.  Lol  We got a new laptop, a Keurig machine, the girls teachers gifts, Fred's employees gifts, gifts for my co-workers, a steam mop, a purse organizer, and some gifts for Fred ;-).  I'm sure I am forgetting something. What makes it worse??? I just found out that one of my clients used to work for QVC and gets a major discount on all items for life.  She just told me I can cash in on her discount.  We plugged in the laptop that I purchased to see how much her savings would be....it was $100.00!!  Seriously!!! I am in big trouble!!!!!!
*Although I've been on point with the presents this year, my cards have been the opposite.  I just sent them out and tomorrow is Christmas eve.  Oh-well, can't do it all....
*We had friends over last night for gift exchange and we had a special visit from Santa.  All the kids had a ball. One problem though....we ordered pizza, we all ate pizza, we are all sick from the pizza. I am currently home with a child that has diarrhea and is vomiting. Fun, fun, for all....  Rest assure I will be calling the pizza place later today and demanding my $$$ back!
I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!!!!