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Monday, October 17

Ho Hum Ditty Dum

Like my title?  I just made it up.  Kinda like this post.  I have nothing in mind to right about right now, but I need to focus my mind on something other than my house right now, so I figured why not get on the computer and start typing and see what I come up with.  Seriously....I just sat down and started typing. 

I currently am on a hiatus from my house and my husband and my mind is all over the place.  The girls and I have been staying at my in-laws for a bit.  Our money pit house....UGh.....is yet under more construction.  The contractors (whom as of tomorrow, will be considered the old contractors bc a new one will be starting) kept promising me that my new floors were going to be done 2 weeks ago.....welll, as of today they have not even been started!!  I'm going out of my mind!!!!!

Maybe I will start off by bringing you all up to speed.  In August, Hurricane Irene flooded my home 2 1/2 inches.  Yup, 2 1/2 inches.  My house has been torn apart once again.  Go figure the only areas that were fine were the ones that got flooded the last time and repairs were made. Walls and insulation have been cut out, my hardwood floors have been ripped out and my house is covered in dust and anything else the sanders can blow around.  The girls got really sick.  I mean REALLY sick.  I took them to the doctors and 2 sets of antibiotics and inhalers later we were told to get out of the house asap.  Thus, our trip to PA.  A is much better, but E is not.  I think I need to get her back to the doctors.  I HATE this!! I Hate when she is sick!!!  Anyway, now you all know why I am not home with the girls.

At first A was so happy to be here but now she is def. home sick. She misses daddy and her school.  I've had to temporarily pull her out of pre-school while this goes on.  I am NOT happy about this.at.all!!

Oh-well, I didn't intend on making this a post about my house. Its just hard not to talk about it considering it basically is controlling everything in my life.  I hate not being in control.  I hate that I can't AHHHHHHHHHH!!!  I need to move on from this conversation.

I will say that I am happy to be blogging bc it is a form of venting for me.  I enjoy it.  Its one thing I DO have control of in my life right now.

Well I will have to talk more later.  E is about to wake up from her nap and I need to catch up on my cleaning before she does. 

Until next time......

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