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Tuesday, October 11

I'm Back!!

I'm not new to blogging by no means.  Until today, my blog has been private for the last year due to my career. I'm pretty open in my blog. Wellll, open is not the word I'm really looking for.

Let's try this again. I love to blog. It didn't bother me to show off my family or talk about my personal life. I loved sharing my life and my experiences with everyone. Well until some of my readers decided they would use it more to "spy" on me for their gossiping pleasures rather than just enjoying it for what it was. At first I didn't let it bother me...dare I say at first?!?! After a while I just started to get tired of hearing the he said/she said crap (I'll get to the details on that later). What drew the line was my career.  I was a General Manager for a pretty well known business and now-a-days everyone researches one another. I didn't like to have to edit myself here for anyone!!.....anyone unless they have to do with my work. That was my income were talking about and at the time, that was the only income coming into my house (I'll get to that later too).  Anywho, since I had made my blog private, I kinda got out of blogging for awhile (more like a year). :(

Sooooo, why is my public again?  Well, I'm sure I will get to that when I am ready, but for now I am going to get back to what I used to enjoy doing.....exploiting the crap out of my little princesses and putting my foot in my mouth via the Internet.

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