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Friday, November 25

Better late than never.....Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy belated Thanksgiving!!!  Can you really say that? Oh well, I just did :)

I hope you all enjoyed your time off on Thanksgiving (well those that did not have to work, at least).  I did.  The kids, hubs and I spent it at home...just us.  And it was great.  Fred was inspired by the neighbors (since it looked like we were the only ones not utilizing the warm weather) to do some yard work.  I opted to unpack more boxes and cook.  I attempted to tackle the never ending pile of laundry on my couch...yeah, um..its still there.

So moving on....

How bout that Black Friday Shopping!!  Yeah, um...I was pretty lame this year when it came to the shopping.  I went out with my sister and most of my $$ went to.....wait for it....wait.....here it comes.....you know it....PAJAMAS!!  Whooohoooo....ok, ok I know LAME!!  In my defense, I tried.  Really!  I looked through he ads and nothing jumped out at me that I HAD to have.  Well except the pajamas from walmart.  I cash in on that sale every year.  Its totally worth it.  I was able to get the usually 2 piece fleece jammies for the girls for this year and next fall until next years black Friday. I got a couple stocking stuffers too, but that's pretty much it.  Notta, nuncha, nothing!!! My sister was able to cash in on some great deals so it was def. worth it for her.  And I got to keep her company in the meantime, so that was nice.  The good thing about not having a huge list to fill was that I was in home and in bed by 2:00am.  I had to be home at a decent time.  Fred had to work today and I needed to be home with the girls.  We made it a lazy day at home bc Emma still wasn't feeling well and tonight we will be tackling our outdoor Christmas lights. YAY!!

I hope you all enjoyed your day celebrating it however you saw fit  :)

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