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Sunday, November 27

Jack the Germ

Where do I even begin?  Two weeks ago I had come down with a head and chest cold.  I felt miserable, but trucked on.  We are sanitizer addicts so I was hoping that I could keep the germs contained.  Well all hope went out the window last Saturday.  E woke up throwing up and feeling not herself.  The hubs took her to the Dr. and we were told she had the stomach bug and to do the the usual.  Now keep in mind, the week prior she had the same virus....it came back.

So come Monday Emma was feeling fine and we kept on our usual routines (the hubby and I still congested, but when you have kids you really don't count at the as much as you used to pre-kid days).  So here comes Tuesday.  We wake up to A crying in the bathroom.  She woke up with diarhea and vomitting.  *Sigh* At that very moment I questioned why we were still living in Virginia and not in PA closer to family.  I say this not bc I don't want to care for my sick child.  I say this bc nothing is harder than having to take time off from a new job.  I HAD to go in bc I do multiple banking transactions every morning anywhere from transfers to wires and I couldn't not take care of that .  I had not planned for this, so I had no choice but to go in for a couple of hours and bring A with me.  Well, although I had a trash bag with us for the ride just incase, A still managed to toss her cookies down the front of her.  Oh, and she IS her mothers daughter. The first thing she said after she stated that she wanted to go home was "Awww mom, I even got it on my seat and in my hair!  I need to go home and shower now!"  Poor thing.  So this meant a quick trip to Walmart for a change of clothes (and a shout out to the nice Walmart employee who was super nice to us while A was throwing up in the trash can at the entrance of the store.  I have a feeling she must have been a mother).  I won't go on and on about this, but this continued for most of the morning.  We went to see the pediatrician later that morning and we were told the same thing...its the viral bug going around.  Bc A wasn't keeping liquids down neither, the Dr. prescribed her some Zofran for anti-nausea. She's doing much better now.

So then came Wednesday night.....E started with the fever and heavy cough.  She already had the never ending runny nose.  Thursday morning she woke up with her ears filled with junky fluid.  I immediately started her on her ear drops (she had tubes put in her ears a week after she turned 1 last March).  The fever had been off and on all the way thru Saturday morning so I figured it would be best to have her seen again.  So we did...and so she has been diagnosed with a double ear infection AND a sinus infection.  My poor peanut :(

Jack the Germ needs to find another home bc I am over all of this.  My wish this year for Christmas is that we can be germ and sickness free for the rest of the winter.  I'll keep my fingers crossed : /

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