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Sunday, November 27

Our Social Little Butterfly

I can't believe in just one month A is going to be 5 years old.  Really, five already.  We have been talking about what we are going to do for her 5th birthday.  Its hard bc her birthday falls 3 days after Christmas.  Every year its been hard to separate the two.  This year its going to be even harder bc we will be in PA for the week of Christmas and New Years.  Normally, we would have a family party but this year we will be celebrating something else that is extra special to us and a special family member ;) Dum Dum DeDum, Dum Dum DeDum.......Dum Dum DeDum, Dum DeDum........ok, ok I think you get the point.  So anywho, we will probably keep things low key in PA for her birthday.

Now when we come home, we will have a party for her.  We have been discussing what we will do and if we want to have it somewhere other than our home (bc I have a feeling the repairs still won't be complete by then).  After multiple choices, A chose to have her birthday here.  We stopped in yesterday to do the usual scoping around and to talk to somebody to get some details.  A absolutely loved it.  Its a pottery place where you can pick your own piece and paint away.  They do it all there!  The decorating, the cake, pizza can be delivered, invitations....everything!  Once I was told that, I began to love it too.  All I have to do is show up with the birthday girl.  PERFECT!!!  Now don't get me wrong, I'm not depriving my kid of a fancy dancy birthday.  We've been there, done that.  Her 1st birthday was like a wedding, seriously, no joke!  All the way down to the centerpieces, cake table and back drops.  We did the same for E.  I don't think that every birthday needs to be a great big to do, as long as the birthday girl is happy and doing something she enjoys and picked.  A is soooo happy.

Anywho, so today she asked to go play next door with her little K-bug (and we love her to pieces!!).  Its hard to imagine that my little princess is at the age to go outside and play with her friends.  (disclaimer: it really still doesn't sit well with me that she's reaching that age.  It takes every ounce of me NOT to be out there following her every step making sure she is ok.  Eh hem...so instead I just sit and stair out the window..eh hem). 

So while I was watching her TV, eh hem, I notice she had a full group of friends with her in front of our house playing.
She really is growing up fast and becoming quite the little social butterfly.  

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