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Thursday, December 15


Sick of worring about things I can't control.

Trying to remember I am not the one in control...GOD is.

Reached the point where I haven't been sleeping well :(

Everyone goes through rough times too; not just me and I know this. 

Sometimes I guess I need to experience times like this to keep me humbled.

Stinks that life isn't as perfect as the storybooks that I read to my daughters each night.

Each day I know I should count the many blessings I do have.

Done with this post.....

Wednesday, December 14

One for you..two for me ;)

That's what you'll be saying when you make these.  A friend of mine showed me this nestle recipe using mint chocolate chips to make homemade chocolate bark.   Over the weekend I figured I'd test it out.  Trust me, if you like the Andes tasting candies that Olive Garden hands out, you will def. like these.

It was so good that I figured I'd try making it with Peanut butter chips. Mmmmmm  

I now have two bags of chocolaty goodness in my fridge.

Tuesday, December 13


So the other day I was picking up A at preschool.  (For those that don't know it, little A's name is Alexi.) I walked into her classroom and as I was getting ready to call out her name, another little girl beat me to the punch.kinda.  I was stunned to hear a 5 year old yell out to my daughter "sexy Lexi, your moms here!"   Seriously!!  I was speechless.  I thought to myself did I hear that right?  Well as the teacher walked over to the little girl I for sure knew that was exactly what she said.  I didn't stick around to hear what was said to the little girl, but I'm pretty sure the teacher knew just by the look on my face that I was NOT happy.

Saturday, December 10

Things that make me smile

*First and formost, my girls.  Although at times they make me want to pull my hair out. They pretty much can always make me smile.  For example. This week A has been practicing her line for her school play.  She may not nail it everytime, but her response is "Mommy, it's ok if I don't get it right.  Everyone will understand".  How can that not make you smile?  Also this week E has started singing happy birthday to her baby....well more like habpty buray ddee.  We're thinking she picked it up at the sitters bc although A's "buray" is this month, we have not been singing around here just yet. (I'm hoping to get a video of her on here singing it soon)

*The hubs.  And even at times I think we all at one point would like to strangle our husbands, I thank God everyday that I have my husband in my life.  He keeps me grounded. He tells me I'm beautiful everyday. He tells me he loves me more times than I can count in one day. (Considering most relationships fall apart after just a couple of years, I'd say after 14yrs I'm really lucky bc he's just as loving now as the day I met him)

*My cat.  Itsey Bitsey is doing much better since her surgery.  She's back to being her playful self. (I am extremely greatful she has no interest in the Christmas tree.  Last year we couldn't keep her out of it.  I have to say I was a little worried when putting it up, but so far she's left it alone.)

*The rest of my family.  Well some of them atleast.  Seriously!!  My sister nailed it on the head when she said that most of our family sucks at being family.  So true!!!  But, for the few that are awesome at it, they make me smile.

*Vacations.  I don't have one really planned (except going to PA for the week of Christmas and New Years), but I am sooooo longing to go on another cruise.  Out of all the vacations I've taken, my favorite has got to be the crusises I've taken.  I am so dreaming right now.

*Christmas.  There is just something about all the lights and decorations.  Just typing this makes me grinn from ear to ear.

*Hot chocolate.  It got cold here that last two days and some hot cocoa hits the spot. Mmmmmm

*The Christmas Story..."Your gonna shoot your eye out!!"  LOVE IT!!  I could watch it a million times.

I could go on and on. 

Why don't you take a moment to think about all the things that make you smile.

Tuesday, December 6

"Mommy...I Just Don't Know"

**A little background knowledge needed for this post**
Every month at A's School, they have certain letters that they work on throughout the month.  Once a week they do a game that's called "Whats in the box?".  They even have a little song that they sing with it when they are playing it.  Ultimately, the name of the game is this-There is an item in the box that starts with one of the letters that they are working on that month.  Whom ever guesses the item wins the item.  Ya follow?

Well the throughout the school year A has been coming home with the winning prize.  Her teacher and I have had a few talks about how well she does with it and that she really has caught on quick with it.  Shes come home with little plastic animals, gummy orange slices (you know, for the letter O.  And let me tell you, I think mommy enjoyed them more that A did, lol.), etc.  I think you understand. 

Last week when I picked her up from school she had a little duck. 

A:  Mommy I won whats in the box again!!  I got a duck this time!

Me:  I see.  Good job.  What were the clues?

A: Well Ms.W said it can float in the tub.

Me: And you guessed it from that clue?  That's awesome!!

A:  Yeah mommy, I really pay attention and listen in school.

Me:  A, let me ask you something.  Why don't you listen and pay attention just as much at home when mommy and daddy ask you to do something?

A:  Mommy...(pause) I just don't know!

Mmmmhmmmm  That's my almost 5 yr old for you. 

Sunday, December 4

Decorations, pictures, laundry and tuna fish..Oh my

This weekend has been full of work fun!!  Friday night we came home and finally decorated our tree.  We put it up during the week, but we get home just way too late in the evening to do anything other than dinner, baths, story time and then bed.

Yesterday morning the hubs and I got the girls all dressed up and did our usual Christmas photo shoot for our Christmas cards.  Here are some of the of the many taken:

(As a friend pointed out, you can get a good look at our new tile floors in these pics, yup, I said tile.  Not Hardwood)

I was able to tackle all of our laundry finally!!  Yup, company can officially come over and sit on our couch's.  Seriously!!  It seems like no matter how much time I spend on our laundry, there is always a pile lying around on our couch somewhere.  Its all washed, folded and put away.  Until tomorrow, at least ;)  I'm no fool, I know better.

B-R-O-K-E normally equals tuna fish or hot dogs in our house.  This weekend it was tuna fish.  Enough said...