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Tuesday, December 6

"Mommy...I Just Don't Know"

**A little background knowledge needed for this post**
Every month at A's School, they have certain letters that they work on throughout the month.  Once a week they do a game that's called "Whats in the box?".  They even have a little song that they sing with it when they are playing it.  Ultimately, the name of the game is this-There is an item in the box that starts with one of the letters that they are working on that month.  Whom ever guesses the item wins the item.  Ya follow?

Well the throughout the school year A has been coming home with the winning prize.  Her teacher and I have had a few talks about how well she does with it and that she really has caught on quick with it.  Shes come home with little plastic animals, gummy orange slices (you know, for the letter O.  And let me tell you, I think mommy enjoyed them more that A did, lol.), etc.  I think you understand. 

Last week when I picked her up from school she had a little duck. 

A:  Mommy I won whats in the box again!!  I got a duck this time!

Me:  I see.  Good job.  What were the clues?

A: Well Ms.W said it can float in the tub.

Me: And you guessed it from that clue?  That's awesome!!

A:  Yeah mommy, I really pay attention and listen in school.

Me:  A, let me ask you something.  Why don't you listen and pay attention just as much at home when mommy and daddy ask you to do something?

A:  Mommy...(pause) I just don't know!

Mmmmhmmmm  That's my almost 5 yr old for you. 

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