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Saturday, December 10

Things that make me smile

*First and formost, my girls.  Although at times they make me want to pull my hair out. They pretty much can always make me smile.  For example. This week A has been practicing her line for her school play.  She may not nail it everytime, but her response is "Mommy, it's ok if I don't get it right.  Everyone will understand".  How can that not make you smile?  Also this week E has started singing happy birthday to her baby....well more like habpty buray ddee.  We're thinking she picked it up at the sitters bc although A's "buray" is this month, we have not been singing around here just yet. (I'm hoping to get a video of her on here singing it soon)

*The hubs.  And even at times I think we all at one point would like to strangle our husbands, I thank God everyday that I have my husband in my life.  He keeps me grounded. He tells me I'm beautiful everyday. He tells me he loves me more times than I can count in one day. (Considering most relationships fall apart after just a couple of years, I'd say after 14yrs I'm really lucky bc he's just as loving now as the day I met him)

*My cat.  Itsey Bitsey is doing much better since her surgery.  She's back to being her playful self. (I am extremely greatful she has no interest in the Christmas tree.  Last year we couldn't keep her out of it.  I have to say I was a little worried when putting it up, but so far she's left it alone.)

*The rest of my family.  Well some of them atleast.  Seriously!!  My sister nailed it on the head when she said that most of our family sucks at being family.  So true!!!  But, for the few that are awesome at it, they make me smile.

*Vacations.  I don't have one really planned (except going to PA for the week of Christmas and New Years), but I am sooooo longing to go on another cruise.  Out of all the vacations I've taken, my favorite has got to be the crusises I've taken.  I am so dreaming right now.

*Christmas.  There is just something about all the lights and decorations.  Just typing this makes me grinn from ear to ear.

*Hot chocolate.  It got cold here that last two days and some hot cocoa hits the spot. Mmmmmm

*The Christmas Story..."Your gonna shoot your eye out!!"  LOVE IT!!  I could watch it a million times.

I could go on and on. 

Why don't you take a moment to think about all the things that make you smile.

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