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Wednesday, January 11

5 year old fun

Its no secret that once a child starts talking they tend to become what we call a "chatterbox".  Talking is how our little ones learn, expresses new ideas and develop the ability to form social relationships.  A turned 5 on Dec. 28th and she is no where near new to becoming one with the nickname chatterbox.  Lol.  Unlike E who was and still is a late bloomer with her talking, A has always voiced herself.  We've become used to her whimsical and playful comments and questions and enjoy them. 

Over the last few months we have really noticed a change in her personality.  When she speaks she is sincere about it.  She is more understanding when we speak to her.  She listens....and I'm not talking about when we tell her to do something like picking up her room.  I mean like when we explain how something works; she really listens and takes it in.  She understands.  She's funny.  Really funny.  She's unedited.  She speaks whats on her mind and its completely unfiltered.  Not in a bad way, but in an honest way.  She likes to talk.  She likes mommy and daddy one-on-one time to talk about things.  We like it too.  Its nice to know what she's actually thinking about. How she perceives things.  What's important to her.  Her priorities.  Her understanding of life.   It's like having an open window into her brain and she's invited us in.

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