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Thursday, January 26

Fact or crap

I just took down my Christmas tree on Sunday Night
FACT: The ornaments have been off of it for weeks.  We hadn't taken the tree down yet bc we have a pre-lit tree and one of strands of lights was out on it.  We had to check each bulb to find the culprit and that was a chore neither the hubs nor I wanted to make a priority.  Well, needless to say, we now have a fully working tree that's now packed away.....finally.

I assisted in an arrest at work today
FACT: I can't go into details too much (I really shouldn't), but I got to help the po po arrest a man this morning who was wanted for multiple crimes.  I jumped at the chance to assist. I actually had fun doing it....hmmmmm, do I see a career change in my future?  Naw, I'm too much of  a wimp. lol

I'm signing A up for Harp lessons
CRAP: But it could be a possibility.  The lady I am trying to set up to teach A the piano also does harp lessons.  Although its tempting, I think we are going to stick to piano or guitar.  Both pieces of instruments were given to her for Christmas and she has expressed wanting lessons in both.

I ordered the sewing machine I blogged about here
FACT: I did and its due to be delivered on Monday. That makes me smile.  I'm about to get my sew on!!

I'm switching my blog to WordPress
CRAP...I think: I have looked into it and was turned off to the whole ordeal.  Now Michelle over at Stutteringshell is in the process to changing to wordpress and highly recommends it, so now I'm torn.  Maybe I need to find someone else to assist me and guide me in the right direction.

I want an app for my blog
FACT: Since my BB's screen cracked and I got my IPhone, I have fallen deep into the app world.  I have an app for everything.  (And for those that didn't know it, the Q has an app, yay)  I also have been looking into getting an app for my blog.  It can be done.  There are a few sites out there that do it for free, with some stipulations of course and there are other sites that charge, but you get a better deal.  Ultimately regardless of where you go, there is a waiting period.  Not to create it, but to get it approved to put in the app search engines.  The problem is EVERYONE is making an app these days.  Bands, artists, small businesses and now bloggers.  Its crazy, but the waiting period can take up to a few weeks. Hmmmm  I'm determined though.

E started potty training
CRAP: Um should there be a literally there? Hmmm??  E likes to sit on the potty solely to "wipe".  She has not nor does she have any interest in "going".  She is amused by getting the tp paper, wiping and putting it in the potty.  I guess we are some what in the right direction.  She's still one and won't be turning two for two more months.

Think I might be doing a Liztech Giveaway in the near future
FACT:  Its no secret I love Liztechs pieces and since I just blogged about them recently here, I think it would be fun to do a giveaway.  The details to come soon ;-)

The repairs on my house are officially complete
CRAP: Yes I am serious, we are not fully up and running But that will change as of next week.  We met with the contractor Monday night and they will be starting next week to finish things up.  Thank you Jesus!!  When all is complete, I will blog about the details and pics. 

I just bought a minivan
CRAP: But there might be one in my near future ;-)

I am throwing my sis a baby shower next month
FACT:  Were having it at a place of her choice and I'm super excited about it.  Pics and details to follow later

I might start tweeting to expose my blog more
UMMM still not sure.  Again, the bug was put in my head, but I'm not sure if I want to take the leap.  I created a tweet account years ago, but never did anything with it.  Oh wait, I did sign on a few years ago to spy get the scoop on some of my reality TV ?stars? and what they were up to.  I am hooked on the Real Housewives Series.  Seriously I know, lame. But.I.am.hooked!!!

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  1. Regarding the switch to WordPress...I'm currently offline thanks to my domain transfer so that is something to consider. ;) What a pain. But, it will be worth it in the end. My suggestion? Don't go just because so & so said so. Go because you want to. You're just getting back into the swing of things with blogging so get your groove back and take the leap when you're ready...because it's a big, expensive leap.

    Yay on the minivan. We love our van.