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Sunday, January 22

Mine verses theirs

On New Years Day we had a wedding.  Well, my Aunt had a wedding.  I was honored to be apart of the planning. I love planning parties. I loved helping out with this one especially. It helps when its for someone you love.admire.look up to.  Well I was set out to make cupcakes for her wedding. My sister was to make the couples cake, but I wanted to make the cupcakes. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. All I knew was that I wanted it to look elegant and cool at the same time. I of course googled cupcakes and cupcake displays. I came across a lot of things I liked. Liked...not loved.

I dabble on Etsy pretty often. I find all kinds of neat ideas on that website. Some I've made and some I aspire to make.  I figured it would be a great place to further my cupcake search. I came across this site with this beautiful display that I immediately fell in love with.
 I thought it was beautiful and I had to have it!  Too bad after emailing back and forth to Chanell at the Posh Box, whom was super nice by.the.way, I learned that I would have to do a little more searching and be a little more creative if I wanted these cupcakes and this stand, as she strictly sold the clear cases.  She did send me in the direction of the Etsy site that made her labels...whom had recently put her site on hiatus just weeks prior to my search.  The cake stand was provided by her photographer, so again, I was stuck starting from the top.  Well almost, I did order the cases from Chanell ;-)

After much research, I decided to make my own from scratch.  STEP.BY.STEP And here is what I came up with...
My labels which supplies were purchased at OfficeMax and Michael's.

My workshop the night before the wedding.

The final result up close and personal

The boxes are cake boxes with empty coffee cans inside for support and wrapped with white wrapping paper.  I then glued red ribbon around it.

And so here you have it...my cupcake stand...verses there's. 
I was so pleased with it. I hope you are too :)


  1. I am so impressed these are just beautiful! WOW!! You go girl.

  2. You go girl! You did an awesome job. Can't tell them apart.