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Friday, January 20

Mommy needs a new toy!!

It's no secret that I like to do crafts and sew.  I don't always post pictures of my creations on here, but I craft often.  When I was in PA in October, I made a puppet stand slipcover for my FIL's church (designed to look like a house.  Come to think about it, I never did take pictures.  I'll have to call my sister in law to have her send me some so I can share with y'all.)  I also made a bench cushion and cover for the church as well.  My in-laws have 2 singer machines from the 1890's at their house that I had the privilege of using.  Let me tell ya, it sure was an adjustment sewing on them.  Those machines are nothing like the new machines I learned on in home-economics when I was in school or on my moms table machine, but they still worked like gems.  I had to change the belt on one of the machines and when I called the manufacturer I was told that the old Singers are made to last over 100 years.  I was impressed.

I want a sewing machine.  A nice one. I know that I should be looking at Singers.  Their reputation alone is a good reason.  But I can't help but be intrigued by this lovely piece of fabulous!!

Its a Brother PC-420 Limited Edition Sewing Machine.  You can check out the specs here. It does everything and more that I could ever ask for in a machine.  I love it!!  I want it!!  I think I might treat myself to it.  Amazon seems to be the cheapest I can get it, so I will probably order it this weekend.  Besides, mommy needs a new toy!!

*If there is anyone out there that has this or a sewing machine they think is better, please hook a sister up with the info.  I'm looking to make a purchase this weekend.  Please and thank you. :)

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