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Monday, January 16

Some southern home cooking.....or NOT!!

So tonight when I was at the supermarket the cashier said to me as I was checking out:

Cashier- "Oh you must must be making some good southern cookin', huh?". 

I stood there for what felt like a full minute before I could even answer him. I thought to myself-southern cooking?...what is he talking about?  I have fruit and bread on the belt. I then actually said

Me-"huh?" (I'm sure with the stupid surprised look I tend to have when I'm confused.) 

Cashier-"you makin some southern greens I see".

 I looked down and still confused. (I can be real slow sometimes after a long day at work, lol)  I then realized what he was talking about. 

Me-"oh, the collard greens! (as he was shaking his head)  Oh no, they are for my green monster shake". 

Suddenly he had the stupid surprised look on his face, lol. 

I had purchased more collard greens to mix with these other ingredients for my shakes that I have been drinking for breakfast:

Just add some milk and ice and you have a surprisingly good shake.  I actually used to drink them a lot a few years ago and started making them again when one of my customers started bringing me in collards from his home grown farm.  I am not a fan of how collards are made/served in the south.  To be honest I'm not a fan of them at all....unless they are in a shake.  Really. Promise.  Just google the Green Monster Movement and you will see all kinds of recipes for the shakes.  I make mine with collards, milk, ice, flax seed, banana's and blueberries.  If I'm really hungry I sometimes add a tbsp of peanut butter, but I prefer them more without the peanut butter in them. (I'm notorious for just eating the peanut butter from the spoon while I make the shake.  That's even better ;-) )

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