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Tuesday, January 17

Spreading the news

You all will start to see a new pattern here on The Delima Dilemma.  I have decided to look for a blog designer to have a custom blog made for me. Made for the new changes I want to make to my blog. I am also going to have a couple buttons made.  I need a button made for my new Words of Wisdom Wednesdays.  On Wednesdays I will be having a few words of wisdom posted for fun.inspiration.encouragement...you get my drift.  I will be posting more than one during the day.  I hope that they somehow touch you during your life's travels.  I also will be having a button made for my new Sing-A-Long Saturdays.  I think its a fun idea to start off the weekend with some good ole music.  Each Saturday I will be sharing with you one of my favorite songs.classics.old school.new school.any genre.  Why not start each weekend off dancing, right?

If you know anyone who is good at redesigning blogs leave a post here or shoot me an email at ckliesh@gmail.com.

Have a great day all!!

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  1. Jessica has made a blog layout for me before: http://www.diamonddolldesign.com/p/blog-headers-layouts.html

    Also, I'm currently using a $10 premade from Designer Blogs: http://www.designerblogs.com/

    Buttons are fairly simple to make.