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Monday, February 6

As sugar plums pound in my head...

I  can not sleep, there for I blog. 

My head is pounding and I can't seem to fall asleep.  I've taken Excedrin for the last two weeks, regularly I might ad and it seems to do nothing.  I've tried taking my Zyrtec in case its allergies due to the crazy Virginia weather we have been having and still nothing.  I don't have any sinus pressure, just head aches.  It seems to be a little better when I wear my glasses instead of my contacts, but still, I can't stand it anymore.  My husband thinks its my eyes.  I stare at two computer monitors all day and the headaches started after I started my new job a few months ago.  I really need to make an eye Dr. apt. asap.  If it is my eyes, than I can kiss the minivan I was going to get good-bye.  The hubs gave me the option to either use our tax money for a down payment on a mini-van or for lasik eye surgery.  Looks like momma will be choosing the lasik surgery instead.  As much as I have been wanting a mini-van for years (I know, as crazy as that sounds), my eyes are more important.  It makes sense since I spend so much for contacts and glasses as it is.

Int the meantime, my head hurts and I want it to go away.now....right now!

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