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Tuesday, February 14

Did you ever.....

.....just want to say screw it, I'll do it tomorrow? 

.....wish you could really fix your children's boo boos by just a kiss?

.....wish you could drop everything and run off to a private island for a quick getaway?

.....wish whatever you ate did not stick to your thighs or any of your not.so.flattering areas?

.....wish people did not make assumptions? False assumptions!!

.....wish 3 day weekends were mandatory?

.....wish time slowed down a bit so we could really stop to smell the roses, take in the fresh air and enjoy life? Whether your feeling life is good or bad at the moment. 

.....wish your children did not grow up so fast?

.....wish life and relationships were valued more?

.....wish you could always be optimistic about things?

.....wish we didn't have to learn lessons the hard way?

.....want to conquer one of your biggest fears and celebrate afterwards?

.....want to climb a mountain and look over Gods creation?

I Do...often.

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