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Monday, February 6

Monday, the not so fun day

I've got the Monday, the not so fun day blues

I really did not want to get out of bed this morning. (And no its not bc I stayed up too late watching the Superbowl.  Although I'm not a fan, to each his own.) We had a busy weekend.  The contractor finished the repairs to our bathroom on Saturday.  Yay!  Although, our bathroom was not terribly damaged in the flood, we opted to finally have it redone. (Well to the best of that our budget can afford ;-) lol )  If we had it our way, plumbing and all the fixtures would have been moved, but they weren't.  We tried, but our budget would not have allowed it.  Instead we just upgraded the fixtures.  We got what the hubs calls "a man toilet".  It sits taller and is a little wider (after two kids, I can appreciate that, Hmmhmm.)  We opted to replace the modest size vanity for a skinny vessel (our bathroom is not very large and was poorly designed by the original owners).  I'm still on the fence about the bowl we chose.  Although I love it by itself, I personally think its too large for the vessel.  The hubs disagrees...so its staying. Other than the shower, there is not one thing in our bathroom that is original (thank God bc our bathroom was so bad, I didn't even want to be in it).  Now we have what the hubs calls "Our own little spa retreat, without the spa of course, lol" (again, bathroom size is a bit modest).  Its still not finished.  We need to put up the new mirror and towel bars. I've been on a hunt for an espresso colored cabinet/shelf and a new laundry basket.  The hunt has obviously been unsuccessful as you can see in the empty space in the pics below.

(Why does it feel like this blog is more about my house and not about my moody Monday feelings?)

Anywho, needless to say, we had a busy weekend of work around the house, birthday parties, laundry, cooking, cleaning and I am tired.  All day I wanted to just pack up my stuff and head home to my bed.  I miss my little bubba RJ.  We didn't get to visit him over the weekend bc the hubs woke up with pink eye yesterday :-(  Good thing mama keeps drops around the house.

I almost forgot....piano lessons!!  I am so excited!  Alexi had her second piano lesson Saturday morning.  The scheduling worked out with the instructor so we go on Saturdays at 11:00.  The instructor is awesome.  She not only teaches Alexi how to play the piano, but she's teaching her to read and write the notes and singing lessons.  Its the whole kit and caboodle.  (I just hope its not too much at once for Alexi, but only time will tell.)  She so far is doing alright with it and can already play Two black cats (granite it only involves 3 keys, but its a great start)!  She gets homework.  Each week she is required to practice writing her notes on a daily basis and at the end of the week the instructor checks it.  I like this bc its helping me to learn the piano and reading notes as well. And just in case you are all wondering.....Momma can now play a mean Two black cats also!  lol

Although today is almost over, I wished it was a three day weekend so that I could have relaxed a bit.  I feel like this week is going to be just as busy and I'm going to end up cranky if I don't get some extra down time.

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