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Tuesday, February 28

To drink or not to drink

Let me start off by saying I didn’t grow up in a household of coffee drinkers.  My parents were faithful tea drinkers when it came to needing their morning wake.me.up. Having that influence throughout my childhood, I didn’t become a regular tea drinker. I do like it when I’m sick and prefer it over hot chocolate on a cold or rainy day, but I don’t need it to function throughout my day.

My husband on the other hand is the complete opposite.  His parents drink coffee all day long.  They are from Brazil.  Most Brazilians drink as much coffee as they eat beans, lol, jk. But they sure do love their coffee (and beans ;-} ).  I’ve had coffee when I was in Brazil and didn’t care for it.  It’s very strong imo.  Anywho, my husband takes after his parents.a.little.  Although he may not drink coffee all day long, he does need it in the morning to get moving.

Lately I have jumped on the coffee drinking bandwagon.  I can only drink it one way though...with sugar and this:

I have my Aunt Robin and her family to thank for this.  They introduced me to this lovely goodness in a plastic bottle.

So booting up the Keurig in the morning is not just the hubs routine, but it has now become mine as well.

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