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Monday, February 27

The Weekend Recap

Friday night we met some friends at the “Orange Owl”.  Yup, I totally renamed Hooters (I just don’t know how I feel about A going to preschool and talking about how she was at Hooters, umm no).  For those that aren’t aware, Hooters has their free food Fridays from 5-6:30pm.  The 4 of us + my mom can eat there for less than $10.00, unless the hubs order the lots-o-tots, of course.  Woot Woot.  We then came home to a busted storm door.  Dam Virginia wind and Dam me for not always shutting the door tightly. (Normally, I would have followed that last sentence with a frown, but my front and back storm doors and I have a love/hate relationship.  I love to hate them, but I have also hated the idea of having to spend $$ on new ones.  Well, that time has come.)

Saturday I took A (after her piano lesson) and my mom to see baby RJ a.k.a my new snuggle bug.  He’s so sweet.  He’s doing so well.  He hasn’t reached the 5lb mark yet, but he’s getting bigger by the day.  We held his first photo shoot.  Here’s one of the pics I took of him:
The rest of the day I crafted and watched movies with the fam (which for me is big bc those that know me, know I have a tough time sitting still during movies).  We watched Columbiana and Soul Surfer.  Both I thought were pretty good.  In Soul Surfer, the storyline was better than some of the acting, imo, but still a good movie…I may or may not have cried during it.  I took a trip to JoAnne’s Fabric for what was supposed to be for just one spool of thread…yeah, um $35.00 later I was walking out with more items and ideas.
Yesterday my day started out by sleeping in.  I so needed that!  The hubs went and did the food shopping, Sam’s club run and Lowe's run.  I got to stay home and get my laundry and craft on once again.  We put up the new front storm door.  It looks really nice...it’s got clean lines...it was inexpensive…it was the right size…IT TOOK 3 1/2hrs AND 3 PEOPLE TO PUT THE DAM THING UP! Needless to say, the new one for the back door was not put up.  Granite it was our first storm door install, but seriously, they could have made it a little easier to put together. Whew. 

During the door debacle install, we got news that a new little princess has been added to my husband’s side of the family.  Baby Paris is my in-laws 6th female grandchild and my SIL Glaucia’s 2nd daughter.  No boys, all girls.  (My in-laws want so badly for the hubs and I to have another one, but I am totally against it…for now. The hubs want another one also, but again, for those that know me, know that saying my pregnancies are “rough” is an understatement.  Read here, here, here, herehere and here about my last pregnancy with E. I think after reading these, you'll understand where I am coming from.)  I will just continue to “table” that topic of discussion for nowJ
(Baby Paris)

NO MORE HIGHLIGHTS!! I also colored my hair yesterday. I’m back to being a warm brown. After looking at pics from when my sister was in the hospital, I realized I needed a change from the blonde highlights. As you probably have noticed here on my blog, I never post pics of myself, so I may or may not (leaning towards probably not) show before and after pics. I have never been one to like pictures of myself and very rarely post any. It’s that lack of confidence thing…one day I will work on that.

This morning I woke up to saying good-by to my mom.  She has been in Virginia for the last month.  She came down from PA when my sister went into the hospital and has been here ever since to help out.  She would stay at my sisters during the week to help out with taking my nephew to and from school so that my sister could focus on going to the hospital to visit baby RJ before he was released.  She would then spend the weekends at my house visiting and helping out.  It’s been nice having her.  I know my kids have appreciated the extra time.  Well, it was time for her to finally head home.  We are all sad to see her go and I know she was sad to leave too, but I have a feeling we will be seeing her again soon….and for a more permanent amount of time ;-)
I hope everyone had a great weekend!!  Until next time….

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