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Friday, February 3

What do you mean when you say you blog?

I was asked the other day (while sitting in the hospital with my sister) what does it mean when i say I blog?  (I was currently suggesting that my sister guest blog on my page to kill some time since she was bedridden.  She declined.  She was afraid she would offend some with the topics she would have opted to discuss.  I told her my blog was free game, nonetheless she opted out.)  I explained that my blog was about me. my thoughts. my opinions. my passions. what makes me smile. Its real. its fun. its serious.  It may or may not entertain some. Its a place where I can express myself. Where I can be honest. Where at times some would say I put my foot in my mouth via the internet. Where I can be ME. 

No one else, just ME.

I have not regretted not one of my blogs.  I love blogging.  I don't always find time to do so, but when I do, I enjoy it.  Its something I choose to do.  (Speaking of choosing, a blog about choices will be coming soon.) I hope its something I get to continue, no matter how busy my life gets.

What does it mean when you say you blog?

*If you take the time to share "what it means when you say you blog" on your blog and let me know about it, I will share it here on my little piece of the internet as well :)

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