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Wednesday, March 28

Happidy Burfday Emma!

Yes...that's totally how little E says Happy Birthday and I love it!!

Tomorrow Emma officially will be two.  *Sigh*  Tonight we had amazing friends over for dinner and we celebrated a day early with these mini yummies that I made when I got home from work today:

I made plenty of cupcakes for her to take to daycare tomorrow.  I went with an Easter theme.  I saw the idea on Pinterest and thought it would be a cute idea, besides, Emma loves M&M's.

MMMmmmm Good!

So good that after I got Emma out of the bath and dressed, she decided to sneak one off the counter while I was getting sissy out of the bath.
Oh yes she did!!  Lol

After I got her cleaned up and put to bed, big sissy and I decorated her big cake for us to celebrate tomorrow.

Love Mommy, Daddy, Alexi and Itsey Bitsey

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  1. Those are some cute images. I love the fact that she was swift to snag a cupcake on the cool. Were I there, I'd do the same! They definitely look yummy. My stomach is growling.