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Thursday, March 22

The low down

It's been a long week so I'll give you the "low down", as some might say...

-I’m totally addicted to Words with Friends.  I have 12 games currently going. (I know, for someone who says she doesn’t have a lot of time, I sure do have a lot of games going.) It’s my little “me time” when I have the time, if that makes sense.  I fit them in when I can.  My love for this game stems from playing Scrabble with my aunt and cousins throughout my childhood and now into my adult years. Whenever we go on vacation together or visit one another, there is always a scrabble game involved.  If you have never played Words with Friends, I urge you to check out the app on your phone ASAP. ;)  If you do, look me up @Delimadilemma.

-Wishing I would bite the bullet and order tickets to the Sugarland Concert.  I love them and they are playing here next month and I so badly would like to go.  We just have so much going on and I know I need to stay focused and prioritize when it comes to our money this summer.  (There’s a “bigger picture” I’m working towards...but I will save that for another post.)
-I scheduled for a landscape designer to come out to my house Monday night to design a proper drainage system and some new flower beds.  Now that the cold weather has broke, I think it’s time to get a move on this.  With our house being prone to flooding, it’s crucial that we move on this sooner than later.

-Little A lost her second tooth.  She is growing up way too fast for us.  She lost her 1st one when she was 3 and although I was nervous then, I’m not so worried about her losing a tooth this time around.  After reading up on it online and talking to the pediatrician, children start losing their teeth between the ages of 5 and 8.  She’s on point now.
-Today I joined WeightWatchers.  I used to follow their program before the hubs and I got married.  Yeah, um….it’s quite obvious I need to get back on track and FOCUS!!  It definitely works better when you combine it with a workout program. Being that my schedule is limited, I will be putting the elliptical that my neighbor gave me last November to work. (Well I can’t fully say “gave” me.  We traded….her elliptical for our old fake Christmas tree. It turned out to be a win win for both of us.)  Back in 03' I lost almost 40pnds doing WeightWatchers and working out 7 days a week, so I'm hoping I can do it again.  Wish me luck :-)

-Little A is doing great with her piano lessons.  She has learned 7 songs and can distinguish whether or not the song utilizes both hands or not and if the song is played with the black or white keys.  She can tell you the notes and how many beats they are.  Considering she started less than 2 months ago, I think she is on a great start.  We are so proud of her.

-For those that don't know, I do the accounting for a recycling company that has 7 individual locations ranging from North Carolina to Virginia. We are currently expanding down to South Carolina and up to Maryland.  Anyway, 2 weeks ago I finished closing out for the year-end and it was a nightmare.  I was so happy when I finished. 

-Little E turns 2 a week from today.  I still can't believe how fast time is flying by.  This week she has started the "No" phase.  *Sigh*

-I've been on the hunt for the right clock mechanism and hands for a custom wall clock that I want to create for our living room, but after a month of searching, I keep coming up short.  Keeping my fingers crossed I find what exactly what I'm looking for soon...


  1. We used to play what I call 'tackle Scrabble.' When your turn came, you had 20 seconds to play your tiles. If you failed, you not only lost your turn but were knocked off your seat by the timekeeper. Talk about intense! lol

    I will have to check to see if the iPad2 has the Words With Friends app.

  2. Jeremy-I can totaly see a bunch of guys doing that. I'll have to mention that to one fo my cousins who's in college. I can picture him and his friends playing scrabble that way. Lol.

    I think you can play Words with Friends on your IPad. I play it on my IPhone.

    By the way, I was checking out your site and entered your book giveaway. Wish me luck ;)