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Monday, March 12

A New Found Love

On Saturday my sister and I took little E to a craft fair that was being held at an elementary school in Elizabeth City, NC.  They offered pony rides outside and so I thought I’d see how she would like it.  Al first she freaked out, but by the time we got to the end of the ride she was doing alright.
(Not sure why this pic is uploading blurry)
I thought this sign was quite interesting.  It was outside of the school, just as you pulled up.
There were quite a bit of stands with some fun and really crafty ideas.  I was surprised to see how many jewelry stands there were.  I passed up on the Pampered Chef station, as I used to be a consultant.  What I don’t already have in my kitchen, I know I can get from my own little hook-up! There was a gal that makes cork screw hair lollies which I purchased a couple for little A & little E.  They were just too cute!
 I came across a stand that def. sparked an interest.  I must live in a bubble bc I have never heard of thirty-one before.  From looking at the catalogue, it’s the same business concept as Pampered Chef or Scentsy, only it’s with handbags, travel bags, lunch bags, beach bags….you get my drift.  My sister and I liked the concept and are thinking about co-hosting a show at my house.  We will see….

My favorite stand that we came across was for The Country Soap Shoppe.  They are a locally owned company operating in Chesapeake, VA.  Their farm is Hickory Acres Farms and they make soaps and lotions from goats’ milk.  OMG!!  We tried the hand lotion and immediately fell in love with it.  It’s a thick and creamy consistency and it hydrates the driest of skins.  I promise you, you only need to apply it once a day.  I keep a bottle of Lubriderm on my desk at work and apply at least 3-4 times daily and my hands still don’t feel the way they do with just one application of the goats’ milk lotion.  I came home with the Orange Pomegranate and the smell is fantastic!! 
I truly think I have a new found love!

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