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Sunday, March 25

Some Sunday Excitement

Not really, but c'est la vie...

Thus far I've spent my Sunday finishing up sorting thru the girls clothes(and for those that know me, it is not  a quick process).  For most, when it comes to cleaning out your kids closets it consists of donating, selling or giving away the old.  For me, it consists of sorting by size and packing it up in labeled Tupperware.  As I mentioned here previously, between my two sister in laws and I, we have 6 girls between the ages of 6mths to 5yrs old.  Ofcourse we started passing clothing around as one grew out of a size and another grew in.  After round two of babies started, we started combining all the clothes by sizes and packing them in labeled totes.  We store them at my mother in laws and whenever we need a size, we head over to her house.  Its been great bc it really saves on cost. I know for me, the only time I'd have to buy clothes for little E is when I wanted matching outfits for both my girls.  Last time I was in PA, I grabbed the 2t totes and have had them stored in little E's room.  Well, now that the weather has broke and little A and little E have grown out of their clothes, it was time to do the swap. 


The next time we head to PA, we will take the sizes that the girls grew out of and store them away at my MIL's.  We also do the same for the socks, shoes, and baby hair accessories.

While working on this project I couldn't help myself but to be watching the Q as well ;-)  I know....its a sick obsession!

(And yes, as much as I love and want Rachel Ray's Bubble and Brown cookware, I refrained from making any purchases)

Now that I took a little break to blog, I better get my big ol' you know what into the kitchen to start dinner.  I'm going to pre-make our meals for the week. so I better get a move on.

Oh, and so far I have been doing really good with sticking with my Weight Watchers.  Yay for me!!

Happy Sunday All!!

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