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Wednesday, April 11

A Day from H E Double Hockey Sticks!!

Let me start off by telling you about the Delima family's morning routine.

.....ah never mind.  Our morning routine isn't that interesting so I'll just jump to the part where the hubby goes out to start our car.  *sigh*  I'm sure your already guessing it, but one of our cars did not start.  And to top it off, it was our newer and more reliable car, too.  We have a 2006 Nissan Murano and it would not start.  It would not turn over.  It would not take a jump start.  Of course you go into panic mode bc we have two kids that are dressed, packed and ready to go to school and daycare.  The hubs and I both have jobs to make it to.  I'll skip most of the details, but I took the kids in our working car, the hubs and a neighbor friend get the broken car started.  Hubs takes broken car to dealership and $75 later, the broken car is now a fixed car and hubs gets to work 2 1/2hrs late.  I made it to work just a half hour late. whew.  

Throughout the day:  




More Work

Ok, let's skip to the end of the work day.  I leave to go pick up the girls.  I get Emma and we head off to Alexi's preschool.  We walk in the door to be greeted by the Asst. Director (whom we love by the way and is A's teacher).   She proceeded to inform me that Alexi got hurt while playing on the jungle gym.  When A was climbing on the steps, her foot slipped and she ended up straddling the stair.  Hard.  The Director suggested I check her out when we got home bc A cried when it happened and had mentioned it was sore.  Of course it would be, I popped out two kids, I know how painful "down there" can be.  So I went outside to get her and we headed on our merry way.

We get home and as I start changing E  (and of all times for E to poop in her pull-up) I start to hear A crying and yelling for me.  Again, I'm going to skip the details, but lets just say it burned while she was "going" and she was bleeding.  I called the on-call nurse whom had requested me to take her to the CHKD Hospital.  We did, and come to find out she severally bruised the inside of "whowho"(that's what we call her you know what down there) and broke some blood vessels.  The Dr. actually showed me and I was surprised as to the extent of her injury(in my mind the whole time, I thought she might have just had a scratch or something similar. Shame on me).  Unfortunately there isn't anything we can do for her.  Just some Tylenol for the pain as needed and to try warm baths when she has to "go" to help with the burning. The Dr. said it can take 2-3 days until the bruising starts to go away and the bleeding to stop. 

Poor thing.  Let me tell you, she was a trooper during the whole process.  She had to endure 3 Dr.'s poking, prodding and pushing on her.  She opted for a happy meal afterwards and although I've become someone who is NOT a fan of the golden arch, I caved in.  She deserved it.

She went back to school today.  Her teachers said she did alright.  They said she still had trouble when it came to "going" and wasn't as active as she usually is, but nonetheless she still hung in there.

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