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Wednesday, May 2

And the winner is...

Well considering I only had two entries, I'm thinking it made it pretty easy for Random.org.
(I would love it if one of ya'll could tell me how to put a copy of the generator on here.  Every time I tried, it kept zeroing out the info on it.)

And the winner is.........Liz! 

 Liz is the proud new owner of the Liztech Happy Hour Pendant and Necklace.  I have to say that I think her winning is pretty appropriate for a number of reasons. In case you didn't catch the Liz in Liztech, ha ha and since she and I great friends, I know that yesterday was her birthday.  This makes for a great second birthday gift!!  Woot Woot!!  Come to think about it, I was going to blog about her birthday tomorrow, but I might as well include it here.

My blog title was going to be name "Because I am that friend".  I'll cut out all of the filler, BUT I will say this.....

If we are close enough as friends and we've been there, done that with chotskies as gifts, you just might get one of these from me for your birthday...

That's right!  You may just get a basket filled with sandals from Kohls.  I would love a to get a basket of sandals and thought it would be a neat and different idea for a gift.....and she loved it! 

Because I am that kind of friend!!

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