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Friday, May 4

I feel, want, need, wish, watched, am, love, hate, hurt, hope...

I totally got this idea from Rasha over at And This is What She Said. 

I feel...blah.  'nough said.

I want...a minivan!  No surprise right?!?! I've only been saying that for the last 3 years.

I need...a pedicure.  Yup, these dogs are barking!!

I wish...I could say screw it and get the lasik surgery.  No more contacts for me :*(

I watched...America's Next Top Model-London Wednesday for the first time.  Not sure my thoughts on it.

I am...going to throw a thirty-one party in a couple weeks and need to get on the ball will the details.

I love...Cliniques Type II Cleansers.  I've paired it with the Clair sonic Mia and my face has significantly cleared up.

I hate...liars and trash-talkers; especially if on the flip side, i'm nice to you.

I hurt...in my uterus bc its that time of the month.

I hope...I get to start planning a vacation for the hubs and I sooner than later.

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