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Monday, May 21

I feel, want, need, wish, watched, am, love, hate, hurt, hope...

I totally got this idea from Rasha over at And This is What She Said.

I feel...frustrated.

I want...to go to PA to see my friend Cathy that I miss so much.  Feeling a little childhood homesick lately.

I need...a stronger backbone.

I wish...the yardwork around our house was finished.

I watched...Scandal's full season and am sad that its already over.

I am...going to the Dr's next week for a physical....just to make sure everything is a-o-k.

I love...chicken and grape salad and have been eating it for two days.  It's officially gone!!

I hate...that as of Saturday I'm now 32.  Gosh I feel like I'm getting old fast!

I hurt...in my heart.  'nough said...

I hope...I get all my work done this week so that I can enjoy my three day weekend stress and worry free.

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