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Thursday, May 17

Long Time No See...

I know it’s been awhile, but plain and simple….I’ve been busy.  I’ve taken some new steps in my life.  Some good and some…well; only time will tell.

I’ve done a lot of projects and crafts around the house.  I’m in the process of refinishing our outdoor furniture.  Here are some before and after of what I’ve done so far:
(Here is what I used along with a wire brush)

 (The before.  The pink goop is the Naval Jelly that eats the rust)

(The after.  Now if it rusts, it will just blend in.  Lol)

My next step is to recover the cushions.  It does not look perfect, but I think we can get one or two more summers out of them for less than $50.00.  These days, you can’t even buy one outdoor lounge chair for that price!

Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week.  With the idea taken from Pinterest, but posted by Home is where they love you, I made these for the girls’ teachers, teachers’ asst. and directors. 

Mother’s Day came and went.  We spent 4 days straight with the stomach bug running ramped in our house.  Not one person was left unscathed.  Good thing I only had a mild case of it for less than 24hrs.  Everyone else?  Yeah, um not so much.  2 full baths are just not enough for 5 sick people who are throwing up and have diarrhea.  We went through all the sheets and towels in our house while trash cans were shared equally.  Yup…It was that bad!

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